Goldfinches on Black-eyed SusansGo for the Gold(finches)

It’s time to go for the gold in your yard, and you don’t need a pole vaulting pit or an Olympic sized pool to do it.

Goldfinches live throughout the United States and southern Canada, a fact that makes attracting them to your backyard a bit easier.

In July and August, after the male has serenaded the female with canary-like songs, goldfinches begin their nesting season. The location of the nest is usually five to 10 feet high in trees or shrubs and often near a water source.

But you can’t talk about goldfinches without mentioning their favorite food, Nyjer® (thistle). In fact, it’s one reason goldfinches delay breeding until the greatest number of thistle, dandelion and other composite flowers are seeding.

But that’s good news for you.

This delay gives you the opportunity to focus your attention on goldfinches during this exciting time of song and activity (especially since other birds can be less active and busy with their new families).

So instead of an expensive trip to London for the Summer Olympics, you can bring the gold to your yard - goldfinches that is.

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